About me


Hey! Thanks for stepping by!

I’m Ettore and I’m a long-time Open Source hacker and hacktivist. I’ve been involved in the Open Source community for more than 16 years. I’ve studied CS at University, and pursued my degree at full votes with a MS in Computer Science.

I formerly was a Gentoo developer, I did lead Sabayon Linux and contributed to several FOSS projects among openSUSE, Cloud Foundry, openQA, and more that I can’t remember.

Previously I’ve worked at SUSE where I was leading the Elemental team. I am a Golang and Kubernetes enthusiast with a strong Linux background skillset. I am the LocalAI creator and maintainer.

I’m an OSS consultant, and if you need help with any of my projects you can sponsor my work on Github or contact me at digiacinto.consulting@gmail.com or consulting@localai.io.

Can find me in Github and mudler_it on Twitter, or Linkedin.